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Toolkit Helps Hospitals Implement NYS CARE Act


A step-by-step guide to implementing provisions of the CARE Act supports hospital staff in identifying, engaging, and preparing family caregivers, to improve the transition of patients from hospital to home.

Thinking Through the Future of Health Care Reform


At a panel discussion hosted by Philanthropy New York, Sherry Glied, David Sandman, and Jim Tallon discussed health care reform and the prospect of replacing the Affordable Care Act.

Home Health Care Refusals: Bridging the Communications Gap


A roundtable sponsored by UHF and the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation examined the issue of patients who refuse follow-up services after discharge; such patients are more likely to be readmitted.

Seeking New Health Care Models in an Uncertain Time


Health policy expert Kavita Patel, MD, laid out competing visions for cost and payment reforms in her keynote to the 27th Annual Symposium on Health Care Services in New York.

Charting the Affordable Care Act’s Impact on Insurance Markets


The Big Picture VI, an overview of New York’s insurance markets, analyzes enrollment and financial data across health plans and lines of business since the Affordable Care Act went into effect.

“It All Falls on Me”: Family Caregivers Provide Valuable Perspectives


A new report by UHF and the AARP Public Policy Institute reports on family caregivers’ perspectives on medication management, wound care, and video instruction.

Three Prominent Leaders Honored at UHF Gala


At its annual Gala, UHF honored the extraordinary contributions to hospitals and health care of Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, MD, Scott B. Salmirs, and Herbert Pardes, MD.

New York Continues to Lead Nation in Adoption of Medical Homes


A new UHF report analyzes growth by region and type and examines logistical questions raised by competing models.

Improving Medical Homes and Health Equity in NYC


A new report from UHF, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and partners in the Population Health Improvement Program lays out a strategic plan to expand the adoption of medical homes in New York City. The medical home model has been proven to be effective in improving health care quality, improving patients’ experience of care, and reducing avoidable emergency department visits and hospital admissions.

Modeling Value-Based Payment for Children


A new report, commissioned by UHF, lays out a value-based payment approach for children in Medicaid, as New York and other states continue shifting Medicaid payments away from fee-for-service. The approach is based on research on effective clinical and social interventions for children, payment innovations across the country, and Medicaid utilization data.

Analyzing Medicaid Utilization by New York's Children


Two new data-rich publications highlight key findings on current Medicaid spending and utilization for children in New York. The reports illustrate opportunities to improve children’s health, especially in the context of payment reform.

Lessons Learned from Premium Subsidy Program


A new UHF report provides financial and enrollment data on the Advanced Premium Tax Credit Premium Program, and highlights lessons learned from this temporary program that helped low-income parents should policymakers consider a more enduring premium subsidy program to address health insurance affordability challenges.

Measuring Value in Children’s Health Care Requires Focused Attention


A new United Hospital Fund report focuses on the quality measures to consider as part of value-based payment arrangements for children’s health care. Rolling children’s care into broader reform efforts rooted in value-based payment requires close consideration of how value in children’s health care is defined and how it is measured.

Toolkit to Prevent Infections in Home Care Patients with Central Lines


Produced by United Hospital Fund, Montefiore Health System, and Northwell Health, a new toolkit offers practical help for home care professionals and hospital acute care providers to systematically assess the risks for and reduce the incidence of central line–associated bloodstream infections in patients receiving home health care services.

New Guide to Help Primary Care Practices Integrate Behavioral Health Services


Produced by United Hospital Fund and Montefiore Health System, a new guide will help primary care practices increase their ability to serve patients with mental health issues within their primary health care settings. The framework delineates a series of steps that allow practices of different sizes to track and make progress at their own speed based on resources and practice structure.

The Individual Health Insurance Market—Before and After the Affordable Care Act


A new United Hospital Fund report provides an analysis of enrollment and financial data on New York’s individual health insurance market—before and after the rollout of the Affordable Care Act—showing how New York’s implementation breathed new life into the individual market.


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