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Carol Levine: No Caregiver Is an Island, Though It May Seem That Way

Release Date: 12.12.2016

Meeting specific needs, not a one-size-fits-all approach, is what will really help the growing population of caregivers.

Jim Tallon: The Certainty of Uncertainty

Release Date: 12.07.2016

In the wake of the elections, health policy’s future is uncertain, but some constants—like the centrality of New York to health care reform, and UHF’s own role—remain.

Carol Levine: Demystifying the Language of Health Care and Social Services

Release Date: 08.23.2016

This commentary by Carol Levine was originally published on Aging Today's blog.

Jim Tallon: Keeping Patient Engagement Relevant

Release Date: 06.27.2016

What do we mean when we say "patient engagement"? What related myths can we lay to rest? And how do we ensure that our public debate fosters meaningful implementation?

Jim Tallon: Three Trends Shaping Health Care

Release Date: 05.20.2016

Jim Tallon reflects on three trends that are shaping the future of the health care system in the greater New York area.

Carol Levine: Carer, Caregiver—What’s in a Name?

Release Date: 04.21.2016

This commentary by Carol Levine was originally published on the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association’s “Families and Health” blog.

Jim Tallon: Health Care 2021—A New Golden Age?

Release Date: 04.15.2016

The potential exists for a “golden age” of New York health care—if a number of essential elements are in place.

Fredda Vladeck: Better Partnerships for Better Health

Release Date: 02.10.2016

For a forthright exchange and true partnership with their clients’ health care providers, community-based organizations have to become targeted and systematic in how they serve their clients, and be able to demonstrate that.

Levers of Change: Local Focus, System-Wide Gains

Release Date: 12.17.2015

For a small organization, UHF has a very large mission: to improve health care for all New Yorkers. We've had notable successes through the years, by using our resources strategically and focusing on key levers of change.

Preparing for the New Normal

Release Date: 12.17.2015

If there's one thread that runs through all of UHF's work, it's the knowledge that health care is in an extended period of flux. Our efforts must be more anticipatory, and responsive, than ever.

Carol Levine: How Physicians Can Work More Effectively with Family Caregivers

Release Date: 09.18.2015

In a two-part interview by MD magazine, Carol Levine, director of the Familes and Health Care Project at United Hospital Fund, offers physicians advice on how they can help family caregivers.

Greg Burke: The Medical Home Model Provides Professional Satisfaction, But Challenges Remain

Release Date: 09.18.2015

In a two-part interview by MD Magazine, Greg Burke, director of innovation strategies at United Hospital Fund, discusses the challenges to the broader adoption of the medical home, a primary care delivery model.

Carol Levine: Public Comment on Proposed Federal Rule on "Medicaid and CHIP Programs"

Release Date: 08.19.2015

This comment by Carol Levine, director of the Families and Health Care Project, was submitted in response to a new rule proposed by the Centers for Medicare Medicaid Service.

Andrea Cohen: Keeping Our Eyes on Children

Release Date: 07.29.2015

Pediatric primary care can play a significant role in children's functioning later in life. How to structure practices, payment policies, workforce, and training to support that goal is a critical question.

Carol Levine: Medicare’s New Payment for Chronic Care Coordination

Release Date: 03.24.2015

Carol Levine examines the new Medicare Chronic Care Coordination Program through the eyes of a hypothetical Medicare beneficiary and her adult daughter, who is her mother's caregiver.

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