Blueprint, Fall-Winter 2014

The major reforms in New York's health care system are very much grounded in the State's $50 billion Medicaid program, which is leading the way in restructuring the delivery of services to ensure that care is both high quality and cost effective. Informing many of those reforms: the work of the Fund's Medicaid Institute, which has documented the challenges and explored options for improving the program, with a special focus on Medicaid's most complex, high-need, high-cost beneficiaries. This issue's cover story provides an overview of that valuable work, and a look ahead at expectations for the coming year. Plus: Jim Tallon considers the relationship between how health reforms are perceived and their long-term success; we look at the challenges of providing healthier meals for seniors with diabetes; insights from our research symposium on "incentivizing" healthier behaviors; fighting "superbugs" through a new Fund/GNYHA partnership; and more.

Blueprint, Fall-Winter 2014

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