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Quality Collaborative, Spring 2016

Publication Date: 05.20.2016

The cover story of this issue reports on the broadening of GNYHA/UHF efforts to fight antibiotic resistance beyond the inpatient focus, expanding to outpatient settings.

A New Arena for Reducing Antibiotic Misuse: Outpatient Care

Publication Date: 03.24.2016
Author: Hillary Jalon and Anne-Marie Audet, M.D.

Health Affairs Blog reports on United Hospital Fund's new Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship Initiative.

Quality Collaborative, Winter 2016

Publication Date: 03.09.2016

This issue features highlights from the past year of the IMPACT to Reduce Readmissions Collaborative, featuring education to improve care transitions through more effective communication.

Blueprint, Winter 2016

Publication Date: 02.10.2016
A new UHF initiative is working to ensure that the unique health needs of children—especially those facing poverty and trauma—are integral to health care reform. Also in this issue: building true partnerships between community-based organizations and health care providers; support for parents of medically complex children; a new guide to tech products and apps aimed at family caregivers; expansion of UHF's antibiotic stewardship efforts; risk sharing between providers and payers; honoring health care leadership at the annual Gala; board news; and more.

Quality Collaborative, Fall 2015

Publication Date: 11.20.2015

The fall issue of Quality Collaborative features the first update since the launch of our Antimicrobial Stewardship Program, which is helping metropolitan-area hospitals to establish or improve their antibiotic management practices.

Quality Collaborative, Spring 2015

Publication Date: 05.26.2015

This issue highlights a new program focused on the next generation of antibiotic resistance—working with predominantly metropolitan-area hospitals to assess current practices, barriers to optimal antibiotic use, and the need for stewardship programs.

Quality Collaborative, Fall 2014

Publication Date: 11.12.2014

This issue highlights the progress of the IMPACT to Reduce Readmissions Collaborative, which is helping hospitals and nursing homes work more effectively together in the care of nursing home residents requiring emergency care.

Work in Progress

Publication Date: 11.03.2014

New York’s health care system is on the move, with dramatic changes being made in its basic elements. The Fund is playing an important role in that transformation, as this 2014 annual report highlights.

Reducing Hospital Readmissions

Publication Date: 10.14.2014
Author: Hillary Jalon and Elaina Heagerty

The Preventable Hospital Readmission Initiative, a structured initiative involving several New York City hospitals, launched in 2011. This report gives an overview of the initiative: how it was run, results from its two stages, and lessons learned from its various findings and interventions.

Quality Collaborative, Spring 2014

Publication Date: 06.02.2014

The spring 2014 issue of Quality Collaborative highlights new evidence affirming the approach of our STOP Sepsis Collaborative, as published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Quality Collaborative, Winter 2014

Publication Date: 02.28.2014

The winter 2014 issue features on the cover our new IMPACT to Reduce Readmissions Collaborative, which is bringing together nearly 20 hospitals and their chosen nursing home partners to improve patient care and prevent avoidable admissions.

Blueprint, Fall/Winter 2013

Publication Date: 12.16.2013

The fall/winter 2013 issue of Blueprint explores the Fund/GNYHA Clinical Quality Fellowship Program, an intensive training and mentoring experience that is creating a new generation of quality champions to lead patient safety and quality improvement efforts. Also featured: Jim Tallon on New York's long-term health care reform efforts; an innovative effort to treat depression within the primary care setting; the Fund's annual gala; and more news of the Fund's latest program initiatives.

Making Change Work

Publication Date: 10.29.2013

The 2013 annual report explores how substantive, timely Fund initiatives continue our historic role of speaking to health care’s most important challenges and opportunities—and shaping a system that truly works for all.

Quality Collaborative, Fall 2013

Publication Date: 10.25.2013

This issue features a guest column by by Alan Aviles, President of the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, who discusses how the 18 current and past program participants in the Clinical Quality Fellowship Program from his public health system have played an important role in the system’s ongoing efforts to improve patient safety.

Reducing Cardiopulmonary Arrest Rates in a Three-Year Regional Rapid Response System Collaborative

Publication Date: 07.15.2013
Author: Mark J. Rosen, MD; Andrea J. Hoberman, MPH; Rafael E. Ruiz, PhD, ScM; Zeynep Sumer, MS; Hillary S. Jalon, MS
A Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety article reports on the work of the Fund/GNYHA Rapid Response System Collaborative in reducing cardiopulmonary arrest rates.

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