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Affordable Care Act Brings New Life—and Covered Lives—to New York’s Individual Market

Publication Date: 05.26.2016
Author: Peter Newell and Nikhita Thaper

A snapshot report examining the successful steps New York took to improve its individual health insurance market after the rollout of the ACA, and the steps that will be necessary to sustain that improvement. 

Trends and Recommendations

Publication Date: 01.23.2014
Author: Charlotte Sutton, Rachel Bennett, Stacy Sanders and Frederic Riccardi

Supported by a grant from the United Hospital Fund, this Medicare Rights Center report includes an analysis of Medicare Rights’ 2012 national helpline data.

Great Expectations: New York Launches Its Affordable Care Act Marketplace

Publication Date: 01.17.2014
Author: Peter Newell

An early appraisal of New York’s health insurance exchange, examining the unprecedented collaboration that made the launch of the health benefit exchange possible and identifying ten issues to watch as it continues to enroll eligible New Yorkers.

Making Change Work

Publication Date: 10.29.2013

The 2013 annual report explores how substantive, timely Fund initiatives continue our historic role of speaking to health care’s most important challenges and opportunities—and shaping a system that truly works for all.

Networks in New York and the Affordable Care Act

Publication Date: 06.28.2013
Author: Peter Newell, Miriam Aziz, and Don Gorman

In anticipation of the launch of New York State’s health benefit exchange, this Fund report reviews the process state agencies use to determine the adequacy of health plan provider networks, and presents detailed data on actual Medicaid and HMO networks for different health plans around the state. Sixth in a series of reports about the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Explain. Improve. Connect.

Publication Date: 10.17.2012

Explain, improve, connect: three imperatives for our time that also describe both the goals and substance of the Fund's work.

The Big Picture IV: New York's Private and Public Insurance Markets, 2010, and the Affordable Care Act

Publication Date: 08.21.2012
Author: Peter Newell, Allan Baumgarten, and Miriam Aziz

This fourth installment in the annual Big Picture series provides a detailed snapshot of 2010's enrollment and financial trends in New York's public and private insurance markets, examines the impact of the Affordable Care Act on those markets, and reviews some of the important policy questions and regulatory challenges ahead.

New Directions

Publication Date: 12.06.2011

New directions. Innovation. Fundamental change. Those imperatives are an essential part of the Fund's work, as highlighted in the 2011 annual report.

Health Insurance Coverage in New York, 2009

Publication Date: 09.09.2011
Author: Juliana Macri, Emily Lawton, Christine Coyer, Victoria Lynch, Genevieve M. Kenney, Peter Newell, and Andrew Detty

This edition of the annual chartbook quantifies differences in insurance coverage and uninsurance around New York State and within New York City. Data are broken down into 14 separate regions across the state, including the five boroughs of New York City. Within the city itself, estimates are provided for 55 separate neighborhoods.

Blueprint, Summer 2011

Publication Date: 09.08.2011
Among the highlights of the summer 2011 issue of Blueprint is a cover story about an initiative that is bringing health care providers and family caregivers together to coordinate and improve patient transitions.

The Big Picture III: Private and Public Health Insurance Markets in New York, 2009

Publication Date: 04.13.2011
Author: Peter Newell and Allan Baumgarten

The Big Picture is the Fund’s series of yearly reports that highlight enrollment and financial results in New York’s public and private insurance markets. According to this installment, total premiums paid by government, individuals, and businesses for public and private insurance coverage approached $50 billion in 2009, a 7.5 percent increase over the previous year. The report examines factors contributing to increased profitability and considers the state’s forthcoming challenges related to structuring a health insurance exchange.

Health Insurance Coverage in New York, 2008

Publication Date: 06.21.2010
Author: Allison Cook, Emily Lawton, and Danielle Holahan
Updated and expanded with 2007-2008 data from the Current Population Survey, the Fund’s annual chartbook provides an invaluable snapshot of the uninsured in New York, detailing income, employment status, age, and other demographic information. It also tracks coverage distribution among workers and low-income New Yorkers, estimates the number of uninsured New Yorkers who are eligible for public health insurance, and describes trends in coverage over time.

The Big Picture Updated

Publication Date: 03.17.2010
Author: Peter Newell, Allan Baumgarten, and Jenny Heffernan

This report provides analysis of recent activity in both New York’s private markets and state and federal managed care programs.

Blueprint, Summer 2009

Publication Date: 07.29.2009
This issue of the Fund's newsletter spotlights the Fund's comprehensive new look at the state of New York's insurance market, a "culture-changing" program helping two hospitals encourage breastfeeding, updates on other Fund initiatives, and more.

14 Results
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