Quality Improvement


Safer and More Effective

From hospital to nursing home to palliative care, the Fund's work on quality improvement is making metropolitan New York's health care system safer and more effective.

The United Hospital Fund is working to advance the New York metropolitan area as a center of innovation in health care quality and patient safety. Even in New York City, recognized as a center of medical excellence, the quality of patient care can be stronger and more uniform.

Too often, providers are aware of quality standards, but are unable to achieve them consistently in day-to-day practice. Through the Fund's Quality Improvement initiative, and in partnership with the Greater New York Hospital Association, the Fund has mounted a series of regional health care performance improvement initiatives to position New York as an innovator in health care quality and patient safety, making the delivery of care more efficient, cost-effective, safe, and patient-friendly. Using the collaborative model to share best practices, the Fund and Greater New York Hospital Association are helping service providers implement quality improvement activities and redesign the way they provide services, to make evidence-based medicine and increased patient safety standard practice.

Since 2005, more than 90 area hospitals have undertaken broad-based efforts to improve quality and create a culture of safety.

Contact: Hillary Jalon