Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance
Senior Vice President for Program
Senior Vice President for Communications and Development

Office of the President

Amanda A. Williams
Assistant to the President
Iris M. Alvarado
Executive Assistant

Business Management

Sharon Butler
Kristen Beatty
Staff Accountant
Jason Graham
Accounts Payable and Payroll Clerk
Mala Mohan
Staff Accountant


Robert de Luna
Director, Public Information
Andrea L. Lucas
Director, Publications
Francesca Demane
Administrative Assistant
Noemi Disla
List/Database Manager
Miles P. Finley
Mary C. Johnson
Special Projects Advisor


Christina Maggi
Director of Development
Maryam A. Diaab
Campaign Coordinator
Rosalie Kenny
Development Associate
Michelle Levy-Branower
Senior Development Manager

Human Resources

Vaughn Murria
Jennifer Monroy
Human Resources Associate
Donna Wiseman

Information Systems

Debra Romeo Lally
Joey Rodriguez
Network Administrator
Sharen Whitley Privetté
Software Support Specialist


Wil Yates

Program Initiatives

Vice President, Quality Institute
Vice President, Education and Program Initiatives
Director, Innovation Strategies
Director, Quality Improvement
Director, Families and Health Care Project
Director, Health Insurance Project
Director, Medicaid Institute
Director, Aging In Place Initiative
Lauri Berritta
Administrative Assistant
Hillary J. Browne
Administrative Assistant
Suzanne Brundage
Health Policy Analyst
Gabriela Groenke
Executive and Program Assistant
Hollis Holmes
Grants Manager
Lee Kennedy-Shaffer
Research Assistant
Nathan Myers
Senior Health Policy Analyst
Anya M. Nawrocky
Project Director,
Aging in Place Initiative
Elizabeth Patchias
Senior Health Policy Analyst
Kristina Ramos-Callan
Program Manager
Nikhita Thaper
Research Assistant

Support Services

Samuel Rios
Frank Dunn
Support Services Assistant